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Doodling Ideas for October 2020

Doodling Ideas for October 2020
It’s SO normal for people to feel overwhelmed with doodle challenges that include everyday objects because they’re afraid of their doodle looking “bad” or “not what it’s supposed to look like.” With that in mind, this month I included some doodle ideas that can only exist in your imagination!

Pro tip: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start at the top of the list. And remember! If you want to create something more on the artistic side, great! But also, the benefits of doodling (stress relief, improved focus, etc...) happen while you’re actually doodling, they have nothing to do with what it looks like in the end :)



Jack-o-lantern eyes: cover a page with pairs of triangle eyes 

Ghosts: cover a page with blob-inspired shapes and creatures

Leaves: cover a page with all kinds of leaf shapes



A pumpkin watching Netflix in outer space

A ghost wearing a mask in a library

A monster baking banana bread in a cave



Invent a magical plant -- what do its roots look like? 

Dream up a potion -- what would it be and how would you bottle it?

Pretend you have a magic wand -- what does that look like?


Let me know if you doodle any of these! Or if these ideas inspired you to create something else! I’d love to see and feature at the end of the month :)

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