Doodle Different

Doodle Story #DoodleDifferent106: Jay Purugganan, Designer

Designer Jay P. turned #DoodleDifferent106 prompt into an alien

Doodle Prompt: #DoodleDifferent106

Doodler: Jay Purugganan, Owner/Designer at c9studio

Doodle Story: The World Needs More Cute, Friendly, Arm Tentacle Aliens

"My doodle was inspired by the Saturn looking starter doodle. I thought maybe I would draw something about space but then I thought let’s push it some more. Then if not space, what about aliens…? What about a cute friendly alien? Then I started doodling and got to the part of drawing arms and hands. Then I thought, “I’m so 3008, hands are so 2000 and late” (but really I thought they were hard to draw) so why not tentacles? No one seems to portray aliens with arm tentacles enough. I think the world needs more cute, friendly, arm tentacle aliens."

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